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Find out more about joining GNLD. As a GNLD distributor you receive a discount of approx 20% on purchases. Apply online here today.

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How Become an Independent GNLD Distributor

To Become an Independent GNLD Distributor, a 12-Month Membership Fee of KES.6200 will have to be paid. You will then receive your Kit which includes two bottles of Tre-en-en 60 Capsules  With your first .12 months registration as an Independent GNLD distributor,renewable annually at KES 1,650, you will also received marketing material and be able to order products at a discount

Our Application Form is available under Application Forms Tab on our Website

Introduction :

Many people have been using GNLD products and found that it works for them, now it is a possibility to become an Independent GNLD Distributor / Member yourself.

You have two options available:

Get yourself a GNLD Membership and use the products yourself at a discounted rate directly from GNLD

Get yourself a GNLD Membership and use the products yourself and distribute the products to friends, family and clients, start earning an extra income full time or part time.

Many people who are retired, decided to start selling GNLD products part time, now they are generating an extra income to spoil themselves with trips around the World...


Payment procedure is as below.

  1. Go to the M-PESA menu on your phone
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA Option
  3. Select Pay Bill Option
  4. Enter the following business number: 985650
  5. Enter 6522056 as the Account Number
  6. Enter the total amount (KES. 6,200 )
  7. Enter your PIN and then send the money
  8. You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from M-PESA
  9. Email the returned M-PESA Confirmation Code only to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Tel: 0720 320 524/ 0722448115.

12-Month Membership Kit :

GNLD Southern Africa is excited to announce the launch of their new-look GNLD Kit, available from 6th May, 2010.

The fresh concept GNLD Kit is presented in a custom designed box that’s attractive, hard wearing and easy to store.

The price of the GNLD Kit includes a one-year registration, essential literature for starting a GNLD Business, and 2 x Tre-en-en (60 Capsules).

The Tre-en-en is intended for personal use, but also gives new Distributors the opportunity to share the product with others – a key to building any GNLD Business.

When you sign up as a new distributors and you purchase the kit, you will also be starting your first month with a 34 PV boost!  What’s also exciting is that for the first time Distributors will receive their Membership Card immediately.

In keeping with the changing identity of GNLD, some existing items have been redesigned and reworked, like the Marketing Plan (Code 322).

There are also some totally new literature items, for instance Getting Started (Code 409) and the Presentation Guide (Code 410) – which replaces the previous Corporate Flip Chart.

These Items will be available for sale individually, shortly after the initial GNLD Kit launch.

In the stylish new GNLD Kit Box you’ll find:

  • Box Contents…
  • Welcome Letter – New
  • Fax Friendly Order Forms
  • Lifestyle Magazine
  • Product Brochure
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Presentation Guide – New
  • Marketing Plan – New
  • Getting Started – New
  • GNLD Distributor Pins x 2
  • Tre-en-en 60′s x 2

Along with your Kit Box you will receive a separate envelope, specially packed for the relevant country, containing:

  • Envelope Contents…
  • Membership Card
  • Member Distributor Application Forms – Country Specific
  • Suggested Retail Price List – Country Specific
  • Distributor Confidential Price List – Country Specific

What are the benefits?

  • You can order GNLD products at discounted prices (approx 20% off the standard price).
  • You can earn revenue by building your own GNLD based business.

Do I have to start a business?


No, you don't, but you might like to consider it as a way to earn some extra income. If and when you're ready, we would like to help you get going. If you simply want to use the products to better your health and lifestyle that's a great thing to be doing!


How does a GNLD business work?

  • Use the products and see for yourself the difference that they make.
  • Tell others about the products. Supply them and earn commission on your sales.
  • Encourage others to join your business team. GNLD is a multilevel marketing company. That means that you can earn commission from the sales of those you introduce to the business.

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