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Find out more about joining GNLD. As a GNLD distributor you receive a discount of approx 20% on purchases. Apply online here today.

Your Health


Fill Your Life with Success, Hope and Happiness

Patrick joined GNLD in 2003 while working as an accountant at a bank. Just 3 years later he joined GNLD fulltime. “I always knew this Opportunity had the potential to help me achieve all my dreams. Today I am able to give my children a fine private education and see them grow up with everything they need in life. I live in a good neighborhood, drive the car of my dreams and the thing I am excited most about is that I have been able to purchase my own home. I have seen my life change from one of depression, to one full of hope, success and happiness.”

Patrick Mugambi, Kenya

Retire at 23!

Because of the financial freedom I’ve attained through GNLD I’ve been able to retire early - at 23! I can afford to go for holiday at least once a year, every year! For me it’s definitely not just a job. I have great fun running my GNLD Business and have had amazing experiences and I have travelled to places like Cape Town, San Francisco and London. Through GNLD any person, young or old, can secure themselves a bright and prosperous future.”

Janet Nuvvuga, Uganda

The Opportunity that Transforms Lives

“We’ve transformed our lives and developed personally through knowledge and skills gained from GNLD. Together we have worked and succeeded in making our dreams a reality. Because of the freedom that we have we are able to spend time with our family and community and not have the stress of making ends meet. When we said “Yes!” to the Opportunity, we made the best decision of our lives. Since then we’ve lived a fulfilled life. Our life-changing story is a testimony that GNLD works!” Ignatius & Rucetah Njeru, Kenya

Improve Your Community

“I worked as the Examiner of Deeds in the Government Sector but even though I had a fulltime job my expenses always exceeded my income. My financial burdens always kept me stressed and miserable. In 1992 I joined GNLD to make a better life for myself and today I am my own boss. Thanks to GNLD I have regained control of my finances and I now have the confidence to succeed in anything I put my mind to. GNLD has helped me change people’s lives with better health and financial freedom. With GNLD I can fulfil my dream of helping the youth in my community by decreasing unemployment through the GNLD Opportunity.”

Dikutwane Dibotelo, Botswana

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